Why You Need Smart Door Alarms at Home and in your Business

Door alarms

Door alarmsUnfortunately homes are being broken into more frequently as more people choose the life of crime rather than doing a decent day’s work.

Statics show that doors and windows are the main entry points for an intruder. So homeowners are stepping up the security of their home by installing Door Alarms.

A Door Alarm is a device that is attached to a door and detects when the door has been opened.

There are several types of Door Alarms available and they aren’t too expensive.

Magnetic Door Alarms

There are sensors installed in the door and magnets are installed around the door frame. It is them armed. When an intruder tries to enter the premises an alarm is triggered by a magnetic current to a control panel.

The ideal position to install these would be at the top of the door, which would be out of the eye sight of most people and would most likely go unnoticed.

In- door alarms

This type hangs over the door handle. It has prongs that insert themselves between the door jam and door. Although it may not prevent entry to the home but it will set off a loud alarm.

Door Security Bars

These devises are quite large and may be a little cumbersome for a suitable home Door Alarm system. They have metal bars that extend across the door from frame to frame. It will set off an alarm when a lot of pressure is put on the bar, when someone tries to open it.

Door Alarms may be a wired system that requires wires to run from the sensors to a control box. A wireless system is infrared technology that has no wires and works in the same manner a remote control used on a television.

Door sensors have a reed switch and a magnet which, when working together, creates a closed circuit. It is then armed. When that door is opened it breaks the circuit and triggers an alarm. This alarm could be a siren, flashing lights, a signal to a mobile phone or a transmitted message to a security firm.

Door Alarms may be used in a variety of places. If you have small children and a swimming pool in the back yard, that can be a lethal combination if you aren’t security conscious. Installing a Door Alarm on the pool gate will alert you to a child trying to access the pool.

Installing a Door Alarm on the garage is another safety precaution, particularly if you have an expensive motor vehicle inside, or a shed full of tools.

Most Alarm Systems are easily installed by the homeowner at a reasonable price. However if you aren’t a handy man, there are a number of firms that would be able to do the installation for you.

If you really want to be paranoid you could go to the extreme and attach Door Alarms on your liquor cabinet! Even the medicine cabinet could be armed with a sensor or the wardrobe to keep nosy children out at Christmas time.

It is advisable to research the best type of Door Alarms that will suit your need before purchasing one.