Everything You Need To Know About Security Cameras

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Finding the right security camera is difficult enough without having to wade through the terms and figure what the abbreviations and words actually mean. If you’re trying to do research on a security camera and frustrated with the multitude of terms that are unknown to the average user.  Here’s a list of the terms you’ll want to know about security cameras. There are many more out there, but this is enough to get you started:

know about security cameras

What you need to know about security cameras


Stands for Digital Video Recorder, or ‘personal video recorder.’ Usually used when referring to a Security Camera System, you use a DVR to record broadcasts on a hard disk drive which can then be played back at a later time. The most well-known type of DVR is TiVO.

They often come with standard features like motion detection, time and date stamping, and remote internet monitoring capabilities.

Motion Detection

Many cameras and DVRs are built with motion sensors to track movement securely.

Time and Date Stamping

Term used when a DVR records the date and time of an occurrence or recording.  Which is very useful if you have a dispute about something.

Remote Internet Monitoring

Refers to using a camera like a Network IP Camera to record information and the ability to see that information live in real time from a distant location.


Still refers to a personal computer.


‘Pan, Tilt, Zoom’ refers to the motion of a controllable or PTZ camera. Movement can go from left to right and up down, as well as zoom in and out on an object.


A technology that uses heat sensors to detect objects in its surroundings. It was developed especially to ‘see’ in the dark.

Network IP Camera

Refers to a type of camera that connects to the internet or a computer network via an IP address and can be viewed remotely from different locations.

DVR Card

Digital Recorder Card. Provides digital video recording capability so that you can store video files from your security/surveillance system on your PC.

Camera Housing

Refers to the outer shell of a security camera. It serves to weatherproof, protect, and ‘house’ the camera from potential harm.

Quad Processor

four processors in one


The multiplexer takes several separate digital data streams and combines them together into one data stream of a higher data rate. A multiplexer makes it easier to combine the data from several security cameras into one stream of information. This is system is a quicker and more effective way of processing information.

Multiple Output Power adaptor

A power adaptor that enables multiple outputs and is highly useful for a system that requires a good amount of power.

Security Camera Systems

General, broad term for the package that security companies often sell. They are usually a better deal than buying the items separately and come in a variety of choices. They usually include a security camera, Processor, Software, Cables, Power Adaptor, Monitor, VCR/DVR, and some come with a warranty.

This is one of the more basic kits; more deluxe options often entail other accessories.

Dome Security Cameras

Dome security cameras are ideal for use in building entrances, stores, and shopping malls; in short, anywhere you want a ‘fashionable’ camera that is designed to blend into its surrounding environment. Prettier and more appealing than its cousins, a Dome Camera offers high security and an increased surveillance capacity because of its non-invasive qualities.

PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) and Controllable Cameras

PTZ and Controllable Cameras are designed to be controlled by remote or through a DVR. They have the ability to move up and down as well as right and left. You can pan, tilt, and zoom in or out. You have all the control you want over these cameras, and they provide excellent surveillance and security.

Bullet Security Cameras

Bullet Security Cameras are a special type of small, sleek camera that that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation. Sealed in cylinders and totally protected, they are impermeable to water and are totally weatherproof. Mountable on the ceiling or on the wall, they provide sharp, detailed video images while maintaining low profile visibility and an unobtrusive presence.

Mini, Board and Covert Cameras

Just as they sound, mini cameras are small, tiny cameras that come in wireless options and can be used for increased, quiet security. Board cameras are tiny mini cameras set in small, flat housing, and are also highly useful in situations calling for more security and extremely low visibility. A Covert Camera is just what it sounds like. Like the mini and board cameras, covert cameras are intended for use for those that need increased security and a totally unobtrusive camera.

Pro Security Cameras

Professional Security Cameras are ideal for any and every purpose you might have. They can be mounted on ceiling brackets, on your wall, and indoors and outdoors. The professional line of security cameras, they are usually high resolution with clear, sharp image quality and detail. They come in color or black and white, and SONY is one of the better brands available.

Infrared Security Cameras

Infrared Security cameras are designed for optimum security and especially increased protection at night. With Infrared Security Cameras, you can see in total darkness, and they are great cameras for extremely low or non-lighted areas.

As you can see there is plenty to know about security cameras. The list above is not exhaustive, but can certainly point you in the right direction for research.

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